Duty Free?


I find it very strange how the strongest advocates of airport development are rarely ever the people who live near them.

London’s City Airport wants to expand. It is located in Newham, one of the capital’s poorest boroughs and a sort of forgotten spot, sandwiched between the river and the Docklands.

The proposed expansion plan will see air traffic from the airport grow exponentially and with it, levels of pollution inflicted upon those living nearby.

If you look at the departure screens in the terminal, the list of destinations reads like the location guide for luxury brands – Geneva, Zurich, Milan, Malta, New York.

These financial hubs are a world away from the area surrounding the airport. Newham has a very unemployed, very diverse and very young population, many of whom have health problems associated with pollution generated by local air traffic.

I wanted to see how aware passengers flying from City Airport were of the impact their choice of airport had on the community surrounding it so I joined The Future in a poem and protest to highlight the enormously detrimental impact the airport and any future expansion, has on Newham,

The poem was also published in the Morning Star’s Well Versed pages.

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