Burning Eye Book Club




book club

Salena Godden’s wonderful night of books, love and Boogie Woogie, the Book Club Boutique, is back! She very kindly asked me to come and co-host a night of Burning Eye poets and writers with her at Sophie Parkin’s amazing new bar, hidden away in the bowels of an ancient Catholic church in Aldgate, Vout o Reenee’s.

The Book Club Boutique is one of my very favourite nights of literary loveliness – I’ve met some brilliant writers, musicians and wits at these events over the years and it is amazing to get involved. This time round we were Girl Fawkes, December will be a surprise…. put the first Wednesday of the month in your diary and set a couple of aspirin aside from the morning after.

Here we all are, a happy band o Burning Eye Booky peeps – Mab Jones, Dan Simpson, Joelle Taylor, Salena Godden, Clive Birnie, Rob Auton, Alice Furse, Me, Dan Cockerill and the amaizng AF Harrold.

burning eye book club


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