The Poetry Takeaway

In the summer of 2010, poet and author Tim Clare had a brilliant idea. What if we opened a ‘Poetry Takeaway’ – a place members of the general public could roll up and order a steaming hot poem from a small, dedicated cohort of wordsmiths. Tim took to the streets of Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival and poetry history was made.

This is Tim, Lucy Ayrton and Niall Spooner Harvey with the lovely blackboard I crafted.

poetry takeaway3

And here are Tim and I hard at work…

poetry takeaway

Fast forward six years and The Poetry Takeaway now takes place in an actual travelling van, travelling up and down the country and delivering lovingly crafted words to kids in schools, people in markets, shopping malls, fields, festivals – just about anywhere!

Our maitre’d is the great Mike Bolger, dad of Laurie who took over the running of the van after the lovely folk of Bang Said the Gun passed it on.

This is me, Toby Campion, Jeremiah Brown and Mark Dickins performing a piece we had co-written in the market town of Hucknall, near Nottingham last week.



Sometimes the poems we write really hit the spot… here are a couple of blog posts from happy customers.

Sam from Ghost Signs – put a recording of my poem Phantom up on his blog

Helen from Make Today Happy wrote a response to the poem I wrote for her mum!


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