I am also a journalist. After a year as a food critic for Time Out in the Middle East back in 2005, I started working in news, covering everything from the politics of meatballs to bribery and diamond dealers in West Africa. I love the way that stories develop, morph and change – news in linear, there will always be another page to this never-ending book.

I now work as an investigative journalist (as well as being a poet) writing for Africa Confidential , Private Eye and the Independent as well as working with the Centre for Investigative Journalism on in-depth projects. Journalism is an essential part of a functional democracy- the fourth estate needs to be free and unbiased and call our leaders and institutions to account.

You can find some of the piece I have written for the Independent here and this is a link to my journalism blog, which has a selection of some other bits of work, as well as a couple of rather ridiculous videos.